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photo of Janie Fitzgerald

Janie Fitzgerald

Janie Fitzgerald is an American photographer and visual artist, renowned for her groundbreaking work in immersive imaging and photographic VR. With a deep understanding of emerging technologies, she integrates AI with photography to create a distinctive style to her work that blends the two mediums.


Fitzgerald’s work is characterized by a dreamlike quality, envisioning an optimistic, green world where flora thrives amidst the ephemeral nature of life. Her panoramic landscapes contrast the natural world with the built environment, and surreal scenes of atmospheric conditions. 


Fitzgerald's work has been widely exhibited, including at Superchief Gallery, SCOPE, Uncommon Gallery Seoul, Art Basel Miami Beach, and Artcrush London. She publishes on BlockChain platforms such as Foundation, Makers Place and Objkt.

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For general inquiries, sales and press, please contact Michele Colonna


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