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Sumo Study III #25 by Peter Nitsch


1 / Art Sales

We offer a wide selection of original and limited edition artwork, physical and digital, from established and emerging artists. Our knowledgeable staff is available to assist clients in selecting the perfect piece for their collection.

2 / Art Consultation

Our team of experts can provide consultation services to help clients choose artwork that fits their personal taste and budget. We also provide installation services to ensure that the artwork is properly hung and displayed.

3 / Art Events

We host regular events, including art exhibitions, artist talks, and workshops, to engage our clients and promote the arts in our community.

4 / Art Shipping and Handling

We offer secure shipping and handling services for artwork purchased from our gallery, ensuring that the artwork arrives safely and in a timely manner.

5 / Blockchain Support

We offer support for safe on-boarding to web3 for collectors interested in expanding their collecting to digital art. That includes cold wallet setup, best practices, exchange account setup and much more.

6 / Blockchain-based Certificate of Authenticity

For interested collectors, we offer Certificates of Authenticity for physical work as NFTs, recorded on the Ethereum blockchain for a more secure proof of provenance.

Michele has always demonstrated a deep understanding and mastery of the artistic world, traditional and digital. His willingness to embrace technology in his practice sets him apart from many of his peers. He has followed the intersection of art and technology for a long time, anticipating the recent hype surrounding the NFT world. There should be more people like Michele in the space.

Mattia Pannoni, Digital Artist

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