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'Longform transforms every art form into a narrative, crafting extended conversations that delve deep into the human condition'


Longform: Expanding Narratives Across Art Forms

Longform is an ambitious initiative designed as a sister project to Narratiff, which has established itself by delving deep into the world of photography. While Narratiff captures and conveys human stories through the lens of fine art photography, Longform broadens this narrative approach to encompass a wider spectrum of artistic expressions including painting, sculpture, digital art, and mixed media.

At its core, Longform is about storytelling through varied art forms. It aims to explore the deep, multifaceted narratives that artists embed in their work, whether it's through the stroke of a brush, the chisel of a sculptor, or the digital commands of a multimedia artist. Each piece featured in Longform is selected for its ability to tell a story, evoke an emotion, or provoke thought, providing a comprehensive platform for artists whose voices echo across mediums and whose tales transcend traditional storytelling.

Longform is dedicated to showcasing how diverse art forms interact with and reflect contemporary culture, societal issues, and personal identities. Each featured work is accompanied by detailed exposition in the form of essays, interviews, and critiques, enriching the viewer’s understanding and engagement with the art. Similar to Narratiff, Longform utilizes digital platforms to reach a global audience, offering pieces as digital assets, limited edition prints, and interactive experiences.

Moreover, Longform aims to create an immersive experience by incorporating auxiliary materials such as artist’s sketches, studies, and behind-the-scenes videos. These elements provide insight into the creative process, making each narrative not just seen, but felt and experienced, broadening the scope of interaction between the artist and the audience.

By fostering a dialogue that spans various artistic disciplines, Longform celebrates the diversity of artistic expression and champions the role of art in shaping, reflecting, and challenging the human experience. This project not only complements Narratiff's focus on photography but also amplifies the voice of artists across the spectrum, reinforcing the belief that every art form, much like every picture, tells a story.

1. Artist Selection: Longform curates artists from a wide range of disciplines, including painting, sculpture, digital art, and mixed media. Each artist is selected for their ability to weave complex narratives into their artwork, turning traditional pieces into storytelling vehicles.

2. Story Development: Once selected, artists collaborate with Longform’s editorial team to deepen the narrative around their artworks. This process involves detailed interviews, discussions, and explorations of the themes and inspirations behind their pieces, ensuring that each work is rich in context and storytelling.

3. Multi-Platform Exhibition: Artworks are showcased across multiple platforms to reach a diverse audience. Each piece is accompanied by immersive content such as digital exhibits, high-quality images, and interactive media. This approach allows audiences to experience the artwork from anywhere in the world, enhancing accessibility and engagement.

4. Supplementary Materials: To enrich the viewing experience, Longform provides supplementary materials for each artwork. These include artist sketches, preparatory studies, and behind-the-scenes videos, offering insights into the creative process and helping viewers connect more deeply with the art and its narrative.

5. Publication and Promotion: Each artwork and its accompanying narrative are published on Longform’s website and promoted through various channels, including social media, newsletters, and partner networks. Special editions and print publications may also be produced to highlight exceptional works and themes.

6. Interactive Community Engagement: Longform encourages dialogue and interaction through live events, artist talks, and online forums. These engagements provide a platform for artists to discuss their work in depth and for audiences to participate in the narrative process, fostering a community of art lovers and storytellers.

7. Art Sales and Collecting: Artworks featured on Longform are available for purchase as originals or limited edition prints. Digital artworks, including NFTs, are offered to cater to the digital art collectors' community, providing a secure and verified ownership experience.

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Empti- April '24

by DeltaSauce


Scars- May '24

by Crow

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