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4 LOUELLA COURT | WAYNE PA | 19087 | 484.793.5114 | WED-SAT 10-7 | SUN 11-5
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MICHELE colonna

Michele is an advisor and an avid contemporary art collector who has built an impressive network of artists, fellow collectors, and builders over the past decade. His focus on the African-American experience and folk art is evident in his personal collection, which features some of the most influential artists in the field.

Michele's love for the arts extends beyond traditional mediums and into the digital realm. He has been an active member of the digital art community for the past three years, serving as a collector and advisor. In 2022, Michele co-founded Àrthropo, an innovative digital fine art platform that features monthly thematic drops and is supported by some of the most prominent collectors in the space.

Michele's passion for digital art is evident in his work outside of Àrthropo as well. He runs a newsletter and podcast called Scrapbook, where he writes about and interviews some of the most celebrated artists and personalities in the digital art world. Through his platform, Michele strives to provide a platform for emerging artists and new voices in the digital art world.

Michele's keen eye for groundbreaking art and his willingness to explore new mediums and digital platforms have made him a significant player in the contemporary art world. His knowledge, expertise, and passion for the arts are what set him apart. If you're interested in learning more about Michele's work or want to get in touch with him, feel free to drop him a line at

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About colonna contemporary


Representing some of the brightest and innovative talent working today, Colonna Contemporary operates at the intersection of traditional and digital art. The gallery is a portal into the future of art. With a focus on bridging the two spaces, the gallery offers its collectors an innovative range of services aimed at capitalizing the most advanced trends and technologies available today. From issuance of Certificates of Authenticity as NFTs registered on the blockchain, to reward mechanisms informed by game theory, to issuance of utility tokens granting early access to new work, the gallery offers its clients a forward-looking and reliable resource for art collecting at the threshold of the digital era. With a focus on education and a steadfast commitment to safety, our team of experts provides a seamless onboarding experience for those new to the digital arts community. As a trusted partner, we offer unparalleled access to the latest trends and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that our clients are always ahead of the curve.

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