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Our partnerships with Web3 platforms stand as pivotal bridges between the traditional and digital art realms. By aligning with these innovative platforms, we pioneer new avenues for artistic expression, enabling seamless integration of traditional and digital art forms. These collaborations herald a transformative era where artists and collectors navigate a dynamic landscape, empowered by technology to explore, showcase, and acquire art in novel and engaging ways. Together, we redefine the boundaries of creativity, enriching the art world with boundless possibilities.

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Tokenized Records for Artwork Certification and Evolution

A new protocol securing the authenticity of next-generation physical artworks via verifiable records inscribed on-chain.

Physical artwork backed by cutting edge blockchain technology and digital Certificates of Authenticity
The creator can add extra provenance to their pieces at any time with creator stories
See where the piece has been displayed, including galleries, museums, and more
See when pieces have been altered or updated throughout history
See the sales history, including the auction house, amount, and collector
New owner? See who now owns the artwork and how they acquired it
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Proof of

Making Art Immortal

Powered by Atomic Sign

When you see any piece of art with a strong Proof of Exhibition history, you interact with a piece recognized and appreciated by experts & audiences.

Proof of Exhibition is critical for preserving artists' accomplishments and ensuring the integrity of the art market.

Because of Proof of Exhibition, art lives beyond the artist. Art becomes immortal.
It's not just about capturing the art anymore. It's about capturing history.

Digital art deserves immortality.
In a growing digital art world, Proof of Exhibition ensures that even online artworks have a traceable history.


A Traceable History

Atomic Sign's newest feature - Proof of Exhibition - captures notable moments (in time & place) for the people who create, curate, and collect digital art. Our Proof of Exhibition platform stores a history of exhibitions that fosters trust among buyers, sellers, and all players in the digital art ecosystem regarding its collective value.

As more galleries & museums go onchain, this is the best way to record digital art in analog spaces.

In a growing digital art world, P
roof of Exhibition ensures that even online artworks have a traceable history. 

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Art Displays

Crystal Clarity with Matte Anti-Glare Finish

Expressively display your digital art in any light setting with Muse Frame’s advanced anti-glare screen technology. Muse Frame is a 4k digital frame supporting over 1 billion colours with the highest-level colour and contrast accuracy. Our custom aluminium frames give the effect of a real-life luxury canvas, only digital.

The Muse Frame Software

Muse Frame boasts its market-leading software. Download the free Muse Frame mobile app from your app store and cast your digital art instantly onto the Muse Frame. You can cast your NFT's from your digital wallet with provenance, or you can cast any video, image, or GIF from your mobile phone library, it just won't have the provenence attached to it

Effortless Customisation

A 180-degree adjustable mount guarantees the ultimate viewing experience for your digital art, no matter the orientation.

Showcase Digital Art, NFT's and everything in between

Showcase art directly from your mobile phone using the Free Muse Frame App

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