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painting of african american man in shower




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Pulling from a series of personal journals, Bhare fuels his scenes with growing pains and domestic home life. Subjects are symbolic of ever-changing emotions powered by blocky shapes, figures, and free writing over the composition. He delves into the drama of hyper-introversion post-2019 Pandemic, cross-examining his place in the world. Based in North Carolina, Bhare merges traditional and digital styles, showcased at galleries in New York, Copenhagen, and Los Angeles. In 2021, he embraced the Web3 ecosystem, finding success and solidifying his unique artistic identity, contributing to the contemporary dialogue at the intersection of introspection and technological innovation.


“Home is where the heart is, I guess.” rings quietly through the profound artistic journey of Bhare, whose narrative unfolds through a muted collection of contemplative artworks. Drawn from a childhood marked by the absence of home to the family name, the artist's odyssey weaves through small apartments and townhomes, with each dwelling leaving its indelible mark on the intricate tapestry of their identity. The quest for a space to call their own becomes a poignant refrain, echoing throughout the exhibition.

Against the backdrop of this search for permanence, the artist explores the learned desire to create a home that mirrors personal identity and fosters holistic well-being. "Building a Happier Home" becomes a visual symphony of color and form, each brushstroke carrying the weight of familial expectations and personal aspirations. In this exhibition, viewers are invited to traverse the emotional landscape of the artist's personal journals, shaped by the relentless pursuit of a dream that transcends physical canvas. Through this visual narrative, we witness the transformative journey not only of the artist but also engage in a universal exploration of the shared human longing for a space that encapsulates the essence of happiness and fulfillment.

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