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abstract painting with gold square and quanta symbols


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Adam Disbrow, or AD_AD as he is known in the Digital Art Space, is a US Based Contemporary Artist and Expressionist Painter. His debut exhibition took place in 2014 with Alexander Salazar Fine Art in San Diego, California, and his work is held in private collections around the world. AD_AD means: Adam Disbrow_Analog to Digital.


In March 2021, Adam Disbrow began digitally retouching his physical paintings, signing them AD_AD, and minting them as NFTs. He is most well known for pairing physical and digital art and has established himself as a leading figure in Digital Art through his work to merge the two.


From Pigment to Pixel


There is a relationship between technology and art. Throughout history, the work has inherently been defined by the technology accessible to the creator in their time – from the media they had access to, to the substrates they interacted with, to the tools they used to create. In my opinion, the best art created today explores the boundary of self-expression and attempts to push it further.  From Pigment to Pixel is about finding the boundary of human expression, stepping beyond it, and in doing so blurring the line between physical and digital art to the point that the delineation disappears and all that is left is Art.

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“My work has always been a commentary on history and culture and I have always been interested in the interaction between technology and self-expression. From the advent of the portable easel leading to a proliferation of plein air paintings, to the development of acrylic mediums which mimic the texture and consistency of oils, to the curation of a digital archive for the purpose of documentation and storage, I perceive that everything we do is a dynamic representation of the resources we find accessible.


As a creator, I have explored these connections since the beginning. In my opinion, the future of Traditional Art is Digital Art. Every creator in the future will work with Digital Media in some way – in truth they already do. In this way, From Pigment to Pixel is an exhibition I have been developing for nearly a decade. I am excited to share the work with you and grateful for your time and attention.”

Adam Disbrow

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