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Opening June 28th


by Revan Karaca



Revan Karaca is a German-Turkish painter based in Leipzig, a city known for its vibrant art scene in the former Eastern Germany. Growing up as the second generation of Turkish immigrants in Germany and experiencing the well-known identity struggles and discrimination faced by Turkish-Germans sparked her interest in political and societal critical thinking. She later studied computer science, psychology, and philosophy, and began creating work that explores themes of social belonging and cultural identity.

At the age of three, Karaca's talent for painting was noticed. Over the years, she learned to work with a variety of media, including watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, woodcut printing, media art, and photography, but ultimately remained committed to oil painting. Karaca addresses controversial topics in her work by creating aesthetic paintings with a humorous yet thought-provoking depth.


The series "politics" presents humorous yet surprising scenes of politicians physically fighting, depicted in detailed oil paintings with an aesthetic approach. These works expose political controversies in today's world.

Brawls between lawmakers in parliaments of various countries illustrate people's frustration when their voices go unheard and their values are hurt, highlighting today's political challenges. As the world's population increases, resources decrease, power dynamics shift, and people resort to fistfights in their government houses.

But what are WE fighting for?

In some cases, it is a fight for freedom; in other instances, it reveals systemic dysfunction, and sometimes it just makes a good press.

In all cases, it is the game of politics

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