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Megan Kelley

Megan has been painting for 1 year and is a self-taught artist. She uses a combination of Acrylic and Puffy Paint. She loves the dramatic effect of combining the flat, matte Acrylic with the high gloss, 3D Puffy Paint. She uses this technique to create lights, shadows, and to add depth. She also enjoys the art of screen printing and will combine this with Puffy Paint for the same reasons.

In addition to painting, Megan has a passion for creating t-shirt designs, sewing, and writing. With writing she explores philosophy, spirituality, humanitarian issues, and poetry. These are also the common themes in her paintings. 

Megan has fate to thank for her start in her creative pursuits. She played soccer for Millersville University and was injured and out for her junior year. This is where she began to write and to draw for this felt like the first time she had free time to explore abstract concepts. That year set the foundation for all of her beliefs. Since college, Megan has worked as a Professional Picture Framer and currently works at The Great Frame Up in Wayne. From the designing room to the saw in the back, she loves the entire process. Megan has a serious passion for all things creative and is just beginning to share her work with others.

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For general inquiries, sales and press, please contact Michele Colonna


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