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photo of Alberto Ballocca

Alberto Ballocca

Alberto Ballocca (b. 1993 - Turin, Italy) is a contemporary artist whose background is linked to sensitive factors. Before the beginning of his activity and artistic career, Alberto self-developed an interest in ancient and archaic cultures, roots of the contemporary world of arts, philosophies, and the natural dimension, specifically the natural corporal approach of life: The ancient Greek concept of "Physis." Alberto's background does not have the foundations in the artistic field; having grown up in his father's workshop, who is a mechanic and iron craftsman, his technique was born and developed in a personal and subjective methodology that finds its point of reference in maximum expansion in art. In fact, his breakthrough into the artistic space was initially influenced by deep emotional impulses and creative logic.

His works have been exhibited in New York, Rome, London and Amsterdam both collected by different private collectors both national and international. Alberto works with physical and digital mediums, often mixing both approaches obtaining always a linear stylelined work that enclosed and tend to renew in a contemporary key an ancient element linked to his inner-most archetype and daemon. Acrylics, Oil, Oil pastels, Natural Pigments, Brick Dust, Sprays, Charcoal, Digital Collages and more mediums

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