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Paintings from the Lower East Side

Super excited for the opening of Aleqth's solo show next week. Alex Headlam, known artistically as Aleqth, embarked on his creative journey from a very young age, initially experimenting with play-doh to craft cars and other sculptures before transitioning to paper where he explored automotive and vampiric themes. His artistic development took a significant turn at 15, a period during which he began sharing his work online, marking a pivotal moment in his engagement with both art and its community.


Longform: Deltasauce

On April 19th, we will launch Narratiff's sister project Longform which will focus on all other art forms other than photography. We have the fortune of having digital artist Deltasauce as our genesis artist. Delta will be exploring his favorite theme and the underlying thread to all his work: nostalgia. We're super excited about this drop and can't literally wait. It will consists of 4 limited editions NFTs as well as limited edition physical prints. Stay tuned for details and previews from the drop.


Narratiff: Beacon by Peter Nitsch

After Heather N. Snout's genesis project Where Dinosaurs Walked, we're ready to welcome the second edition of Narratiff with German photographer and Bangkok resident Peter Nitsch and his project Beacon. We're very curious and excited about this drop as we've had a chance to preview some of the work. All shot in black and white, Beacon is a visual meditation on the stillness of the city through the documentation of anonymous bus shelters dotting the city limits. Join us on April 24th. More to come.


AI Emerging Voices (2nd Edition)

Continuing on promoting emerging artists in the AI space, we've just finalized the winners of the second open call in collaboration with The Hug. The second installment of this special series will go live on Wednesday May 1st and will be titled Genesis Re-imagined: Crafting a New World with AI. Like the previous edition, even this one will feature works from 10 artists and will drop on Foundation in the gallery's World. Looking forward to sharing more in the next few days.

Peter Nitsch's Sumo Series

The black and white SUMO study by Peter Nitsch explores diversity, humanity, and the impermanence of life through the intersection of photography, design, art and neural interpretation.

The SUMO series invites us to immerse ourselves in a world of imagination and possibility.

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