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photo of Peter Nitsch

Peter Nitsch

Designer on-air and off-air, photographer, producer, and founder of DRAWLIGHTS, Peter Nitsch has always worn many hats. But at the heart of everything that he does Nitsch is first and foremost an artist and a photographer. He was born and raised in the Upper Palatinate, in eastern Bavaria. Nitsch received his BA in communication design from the Department of Design at the Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS).

Influenced by his no-man’s-land childhood in the Upper Palatinate and the German skater scene of the late eighties, Nitsch’s narratives of people in dialogue with life observe individual and collective identities through a bright, clean vision—he uses social context and the (urban) landscape to explore these identities in relation to cultural and intercultural realities.

Nitsch published his first monograph Bangkok – Urban Identities in 2006. He is the recipient of numerous awards, both as designer (New York Festival and BDA, among others) and photographer (Los Angeles International Photography Award and Hasselblad Masters semifinalist, among others). He was cofounder of Europe’s first crossover skate- and snowboard magazine, Playboard, and the corporate design studio RUPA.

In 2020, Nitsch became a lifetime member of the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand.

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