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Natascia Mercurio, alias Naty was born in 1996 in Catanzaro - Calabria, Italy.
She’s an Art Director, Photographer and Filmmaker. Her love for art has helped her try out many creative forms, including illustration, photography (since 2011) and also directing her own short-films. She defines herself as a storyteller, since she aims to convey emotion
through everything she captures. A large part of her creative vision comes from playing with light and color to define feelings of warmth (happiness, joy, serenity: orange)
and cold (sadness, closeness, calmness: blue) together.

Naty’s works take you into a diverse world with multiple strong characters and powerful stories. People would define her color palette as the usual ‘’teal & orange’’ but she has made such a classic cine-color into something so personal and recognizable. Her characteristic aesthetic makes her have room to roam across genres without risking her consistency. She has always been a huge fan of video-games, anime, mangas and asian movies that’s why she’s drawn towards this cinematicworld of hers. After graduating with a degree in graphic design, she began working as an Art Director near Milan. After 4 years of curating for clients like Mercedes, Etro, Teatro alla Scala and also has been supported by Sony, Billboard, 500px etc, she decided to leave her full-time job to dedicate all of her time to photography and videography. Since 2021 she has been interested in the world of crypto art and begins to create her first NFTs. To date she is constantly curating her aesthetic and dropping new work every year showcasing her variety as an artist. Additionally, she has collaborated with notable clients including Netflix, Inter FC, and

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For general inquiries, sales and press, please contact Michele Colonna


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