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Alex Headlam, known artistically as Aleqth, embarked on his creative journey from a very young age, initially experimenting with play-doh to craft cars and other sculptures before transitioning to paper where he explored automotive and vampiric themes. His artistic development took a significant turn at 15, a period during which he began sharing his work online, marking a pivotal moment in his engagement with both art and its community. This era of digital exploration led to the conception of his brand name and style in 2020, a time when Headlam felt constrained creatively by his college environment. This period catalyzed the creation of his "Cope" moniker, stemming from a unique vision involving a sculpture that eventually resembled a logo. The ethos behind "Cope," according to Headlam, revolves around making the best out of any situation and seeing the world from a reinvigorated perspective, integrating community and combatting negativity as core principles​.


Aleqth's work gained notable recognition when Dean Baquet, the chief editor of The New York Times, purchased three of his drawings. This moment was a significant milestone for Headlam, affirming his position in the art world and encouraging a deeper commitment to his craft​.


Headlam is expanding his creative endeavors into the realms of film, writing, and directing, aiming to explore the constructs of reality through his artistic lens. He expresses a desire for limitless expression moving forward, signifying a shift towards a more immersive visual artistry, alongside continued contributions to music​.


In 2020, Aleqth also ventured into the NFT space, motivated by the success of peers in the digital art realm. With initial support, he began minting NFTs, incorporating themes central to his work, such as the notion of "Cope." His piece "Work in Progress" reflects a narrative of transformation and personal symbolism, emphasizing the importance of embracing life's journey and its inherent challenges​.

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