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photo of Adam Disbrow

Adam Disbrow

Adam Disbrow or AD_AD is a US based Expressionist Artist. His debut exhibition took place in July 2014 at Alexander Salazar Fine Art in San Diego, California. In 2014 he co-founded SPAC, an artist cooperative south of Washington, D.C. Since then his paintings have been shown internationally and his work has been acquired by collectors around the world.

AD_AD began minting his work on the Ethereum and Tezos blockchains in March 2021 and is most well known for his analog to digital process. His work is available on top curated digital art platforms such as SuperRare (ETH) and he is one of the top collected artists on Objkt (XTZ). Within the digital art space he continues to build and collaborate with artists internationally.

About the Art ||

“I am interested in the physical representation of unseen relationships — specifically life and death and the sacred and profane. I explore these connections by presenting concepts, objects, and events both symbolically and objectively.

I think that art is a mirror that reflects who we are by what we see in it and how it makes us feel. In this way it reflects the unseen elements that define us individually. By working in layers with varying colors, sheens, and textures I work to create a free space for the mind and eye to express itself honestly." 

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