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On Monday I brought her some flowers, one that would sit in a vase. the prettiest in the house, stealing all of the glory. On Tuesday I bought her more, ones to complement the bookshelf, and the little lack next to it. On Wednesday and Thursday I surprised her with more, one for the desk and the other for the counter next to the rotting bananas. On Friday, I found some roses, her family's favorite, for the side table next to the bed. By the weekend we had too much. Monday's flowers died, Tuesday's turn sour, Wednesday's had falling leaves while Thursday's water turned murky. Friday's roses couldn't handle the stress and left us too. It's been painful to watch them go, but it's pretty to see flowers on every table. Everywhere I turn I get another chance to she her smile at them.


38" x 38" Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Oilstick on Canvas

Not Enough Vases for Flowers, 2023 by Bhare

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