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Custom printed in an extra-large size (10" x 15") to show off details you can't see from the sidewalk, Highrises: Art Deco is a collection of Chris Hytha's unique close-up drone scan compositions of the tops of 100 historic buildings. See for yourself the craftsmanship and vision displayed in these technological marvels of a century ago. Each image stitches together dozens of drone photos to create a unique rendering that resembles an orthographic architectural elevation.

Each Highrise in the collection is accompanied by a story of the building and the people who built it by skyscraper historian Mark Houser, drawing on historic research and vintage newspaper coverage. Vital statistics like height, number of stories, architect, and year of completion round out the picture, along with supplemental illustrations of each building that show detailed entryways and massing.

Highrises, The Book

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