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Years ago the ceiling caved in. The bathroom now has a hole larger than the Wells on central. I could see into the apartment above us, see the young couple crying. Times were rough but even worse with an accident like that. The shower was unusable, and I still had dirt on my feet. It would be fixed in a couple of days, the ceiling at least. When it was ready, it looked like the caving never happened. Off goes my shoes and socks, to tap the water that felt ice cold. I think the accident messed up the water heating system. Nothing left to do but still clean myself off, as shivers run down my spine. I hated it. Days and weeks passed me by as I stepped in to take another cold shower.


27" x 40" Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Oilstick on Canvas

Another Lukewarm Shower, 2023 by Bhare

Excluding Sales Tax
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