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Photo of Emanuele Manco

Emanuele Manco

Emanuele Manco, born in Naples in 1995, draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of his hometown. He is a self-taught artist with a passion for both visual and written arts, and has successfully pursued a wide range of projects, including physical painting, sculpture, and digital arts. In addition to his artistic pursuits, Manco is currently completing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

For Manco, the dichotomy between science and art is an artificial one. He believes that all knowledge is interconnected and that it's impossible to ignore the influence of one discipline on another. This belief drives his passion for multiple disciplines and his ability to integrate them seamlessly into his creative work. Manco sees himself as a "multidisciplinary human being," and his art reflects this unique perspective.

Overall, Manco's artistic vision and technical expertise make him a truly original voice in the art world. His ability to bridge seemingly disparate fields of knowledge is a testament to his creativity and intellect.

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