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DeltaSauce is a 29-year-old artist based out of Dallas Texas whose specialty is AI art – though to the untrained eye, many of his works may appear to have the presence of illustrations or paintings. He began creating in early 2005, inspired by his father’s love for art and in hopes of connecting further with him. Other inspirations that have helped to shape Delta’s style include names like Jim Buckels, David Hockney, and Edward Hopper.

As a full-time artist, Delta creates his works as a means of escapism – a way to decompress but also connect with others. For him, many of the pieces represent moments or objects now suspended in time passed. Common recurring themes of these works include calming liminal spaces that for some might hold nostalgic or familiar feelings – as if they were memories rediscovered.

With a consistently growing community and a number of notable collectors, it is the artist's hope to eventually gain notability for both himself and his medium from the broader art world.

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For general inquiries, sales and press, please contact Michele Colonna


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