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photo of Anibal Arganaraz

Anibal Argañaraz

Aníbal Argañaraz born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1967, paints oil on canvas since he was 16 and has been a digital artist since 2003. He has a degree in Visual Arts, teaches and is a video editor. Throughout his artistic career he has had numerous solo exhibitions in Argentina highlighting the presentation of his series "Anatomies and connectors" at the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación at 2008, “Seas and subways” (2016) and "what was left of summer" at the Fundación Vocación Humana in 2019. His artworks are in private collections in Barcelona, Miami and Martinique.

In July 2021 he joins HicEtNunc and is currently an artist with more than 10 paintings acquired for the Permanent Collection of the Tezos Foundation, curated by Misan Harriman.

For Aníbal, the dialogue between physical and digital work has been naturally happening for many years. He´s accustomed to photographing his physical paintings and retouching them digitally while preserving the expressionist essence loaded with matter that characterizes his work. He portrays scenes of urban life, tells their stories, their secrets and the evolution of human contradiction

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