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Colonna Contemporary is very active in the digital art community and is very much a consequential resource for trends, news, know-how and overall knowledge of the space. These are some of the initiatives our founder Michele Colonna is engaged with. We highly recommend joining our Mighty Network community here as this is the best forum to stay up to date and get all the early alpha and news on upcoming events, releases and exhibition news.


Scrapbook is Michele's industry newsletter where he covers the digital art space. The newsletter is a collection of thoughts, musings, meditations, rants and dissertations on the space. A great way to stay abreast of the latest and greatest. Subscribe for free.

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A Masterclass in Diamond Hands

The Art & Science of Federico Clapis Long Term Vision

A Masterclass in Diamond Hands


Scrapbook Podcast is the newsletter companion channel and a long-form podcast focused on insightful conversations with artists, collectors, and builders of the digital art space.  Each episode features a deep dive into the creative process and vision of the talent shaping the web3 space. Subscribe to the podcast

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A Weekly Show

Featuring an English and Italian Version

A Masterclass in Diamond Hands


Àrthropo is a digital fine art platform of which Michele is co-founder. It features thematic monthly drops with some of the world's most influential digital artists.



a Digital Fine Art Platform

A Masterclass in Diamond Hands

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