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Kaeli VanFossen

Kaeli VanFossen, an accomplished self-taught artist based in San Diego, California, adeptly interweaves technology and creativity, blending digital tools with traditional artistic techniques. Her proficiency in a broad range of artistic mediums has led her to develop a fascinating synthesis of representational and abstract contemporary art. Through innovative uses of acrylic painting, digital design, and AI art, she channels the dynamic energy of San Diego's coastal life, encapsulating the essence of summer leisure and tropical aesthetics into her artwork collection.

Inspired by the leisurely pace of summertime, coastal living, and the ephemeral realm of dreams, Kaeli's work crafts a visual symphony of tangible and intangible elements that evoke a sense of endless vacation bliss. Her creations are a fusion of vibrant aesthetics and dreamlike fluidity, inviting observers into a world brimming with bright hues, framed by the tranquil allure of sun-drenched, coastal botanical landscapes. All presented in a distinctive, segmented expressionist style. In this amalgamation, her landscapes and scenes continually shift and transform, echoing a world glimpsed only in the depths of sleep and during the fleeting daydreams one might experience during these serene getaways.

Drawing the viewer into this realm where the lush beauty of botanicals intersects with the abstract language of color and form, she deconstructs landscapes, interior scenes, and portraits into an imaginative array of vertical sections. Each narrates a unique story unified by abstract strokes of vivid color—a hallmark of her aesthetic. Her creative process is distinctive: starting with digital composites of visual elements and personal touches, each scene is meticulously painted on a tablet in Photoshop before being transferred onto canvas. This method yields artworks that present a captivating interplay between the digital and physical, reality and abstract expression.

Kaeli's artistry has earned recognition and has been showcased at various prestigious events. Her acrylic paintings, "Swiss Cheese and Chill" and "As Far as Yucca Sea," were displayed at Stretch Gallery during Art Basel Miami in 2022. Her digital artwork "Luminaris Abstractia" was curated for the Latent Dreams event at NFT NYC in 2023, hosted by and Furthermore, her groundbreaking piece, "A Muse in Wonderland," featured in the "AI Surrealism" exhibition at Oculus NYC in 2023, hosted by Superchief Gallery and Exquisite Workers. This event marked the largest AI Art show in history, featuring 100 artists from June 2-24, 2023, and curated by Anna Dart and Roger Haus.

Notably, her most recognized collection to date, "Verdant Fragments: A Flourishing Mosaic," celebrates botanical interior decor through a mosaic of vertical segments that skillfully distort scenes and overlay elements. This combines multiple still life environments into a single scene. Each piece in the collection is rich with lush palettes, meticulous details, and a unique narrative that elevates their organic charm. Collaged from elements created with AI and digitally painted in her signature artistic style, this is her first collection of digital references for physical artworks minted as NFTs on two marketplaces, Foundation and Objkt. Physical artworks and prints from this collection will subsequently be available with Colonna Contemporary Gallery, located in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

Kaeli VanFossen continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions; her work remains a testament to her passion and commitment to her craft, and a promise of more captivating pieces to come.

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